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SF6 Concentration On-line Monitoring System (Winfoss-S1)

SF6 measurement range: 1 ~ 3000ppm Detection accuracy <5 %FS.
SF6 alarm limit: 1000ppmv, can be set between 100 and 1000.
Oxygen measurement range: 1 to 25%; detection accuracy <1 %FS.
Temperature detection range: -30 ~ +70 °C, detection accuracy ± 1 °C.
Humidity detection range: 1-99%RH; detection accuracy ±1%RH.
Monitor host display: 10.4-inch large-screen touch color LCD screen

SF6 Concentration On-line Monitoring System (Winfoss-S1)

SF6 concentration on-line monitoring system, also known as SF6 gas leakage monitoring and alarm system, SF6 gas online leakage monitoring alarm device, SF6 gas quantitative monitoring alarm system, SF6 concentration monitor, SF6 detection alarm device, SF6 environmental monitoring system.

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According to Chapter 4 of “DL408-1991 Electrical Safety Work Regulations (Electricity Section of Power Plants and Substations)”, Chapter 4 of the “DLT 639-1997 Safety Protection Measures for SF6 Electrical Equipment Operation, Test, and Repair” And "JBT 10893-2008 High-voltage combined electrical distribution room sulfur hexafluoride environmental monitoring system."

The SF6 Concentration On-line Monitoring System (SF6 Leakage Monitoring and Alarm System) is designed specifically for SF6 switching stations in various voltage classes in power systems. It is an integrated monitoring and alarm system that integrates the indoor environment SF6 concentration and oxygen content monitoring functions of the switchyard. The system has on-line temperature and humidity monitoring and fan linkage control functions.

SF6 concentration on-line monitoring system (SF6 leakage monitoring and alarm system) is a comprehensive organic equipment system that can be monitored on site or on the main control room computer. Dynamic monitoring is supported on the SF6 concentration monitoring system. Realize remote alarms from the dispatch center. And face the SF6 switch station overall design, and compatible with SF6 gas density on-line monitoring, SF6 gas micro-water online monitoring access.

SF6 concentration on-line monitoring system (SF6 leakage monitoring and alarm system) is based on the international RS485 (MODBUS) bus and DSP technology used in the airframe monitoring application, and has strong anti-jamming capability and an accurate data quantification platform. Compared with the 485 communication method in the traditional industrial control field, it has higher stability and reliability. The idea of object-oriented design is realized in a hierarchical and distributed structure. The system has convenient and flexible expansion performance. It is the upgrading product of the traditional 485 communication method.

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The SF6 concentration online monitoring system (Winfoss-S1) meets the four functional requirements of the SF6 industry safety regulations for the maintenance and management of SF6 substations:

Hypoxia and SF6 exceeded the alarm.

When the environment is abnormal, the fan exhaust function is controlled jointly.

The entrance to the switch room is on-site with audible and visual warnings.

Define any time period or forced ventilation function.


SF6 concentration on-line monitoring system (SF6 leakage monitoring and alarm system) can be used for integrated monitoring and control of indoor environment or closed environment in power systems.

SF6 switch room.

GIS room.

SF6 laboratory.

All environments where SF6 devices are installed.

The system takes full account of the SF6 switchgear station situation of various voltage levels; whether it is a small-scale substation with more than 10 intervals or only a few intervals, it is an excellent application scheme.


RS485 (MODBUS) bus technology: strong anti-interference, eliminates the phenomenon of network corruption and data disorder, flexible networking, and more convenient and concise field wiring.

DSP digital signal processing technology: 32-bit wide data processing, data sampling is more accurate and efficient.

All-weather online monitoring: 24/7 online monitoring and control functions ensure the safety and efficiency of maintenance work.

Multi-master communication mode: When an individual monitoring unit fails, it does not affect the normal operation of other devices and the entire system.

Low-power microchip design: Components are highly integrated, reducing the weight and volume of the host.

Support hot-swappable: The number of monitoring units can be arbitrarily increased or decreased during system operation, and the normal operation of the system will not be terminated when the maintenance or monitoring unit is expanded.

LCD Chinese display: dynamic high-definition color LCD display, high resolution, fast refresh, interface browsing is very comfortable.

Special environmental applications: Adapt to high altitude and cold environment applications (see environmental requirements).

Long-term storage of data: Historical monitoring data is stored permanently, and users do not delete it. Even if the system is powered off for 10 years, the data is not lost.

Flexible expansion: With the increase of user switch units, it is easy to expand the monitor and save expansion costs.

The operation is simple: the interface structure is clear, touch operation, and convenient. The operator can use it with simple training.

Screen protection: automatic screen protection when no one is on duty, environmental protection and energy saving, which significantly improves the service life of the host.

The upper software driver: supported by the upper computer software, realizes the import, management, analysis and printing of monitoring data, and automatically backs up for further management and trend analysis in the future.

Function customization and expansion: Prepare the expansion interface, which can be connected to other signal and control devices in the field, and realize personalized according to the user's needs.


Status monitoring

SF6 concentration and oxygen content monitoring: SF6 concentration and oxygen content of the switch station environment are monitored in real time 24 hours a day, 365 days, and the host computer and the monitoring room computer simultaneously display the monitoring results.

On-line monitoring of temperature and humidity: 24 hours a day, 365 days, real-time monitoring and dynamic display of the current temperature and humidity of the switch station.

Real-time monitoring of system operation status: real-time monitoring of the communication status of each monitoring unit in the system, the interface of the system host and monitoring station displays the monitoring results synchronously.

Automatic voice prompt: When the staff is close to the entrance of the switch station, the system automatically prompts the environment with the safety status in Putonghua, reminding the staff if they can safely enter the switch room, and the voice volume can be adjusted.

Sound and light alarms: When the concentration of SF6 is over or under anaerobic conditions, the system prompts the on-site personnel to promptly handle the alarm with high-frequency buzz and warning lights.

Fan operation status indicator: Displays the current fan's operation status. If it is in the stop status, the fan's start/stop time is displayed. It is easy to determine whether forced ventilation is required before entering the switch room.

safely control

a. Fan linkage control: When real-time detection of SF6 concentration exceeds ≥1000ppm or when oxygen deficiency is less than 19.6%, the fans are automatically controlled to ventilate until SF6 and oxygen concentration return to normal, and fans will be automatically turned off after 10 minutes of continuous ventilation.

b. Fan timing control: Custom period ventilation (up to 24 periods) to ensure that the switch room is ventilated on time every day. Ventilation start/stop times can be flexibly set. Can meet the user's various exhaust demand.

c. Remote alarm: Provides the form of hard contact to connect with the remote device to realize remote alarm in the main control room or dispatch center.

data processing

a. Monitoring data storage: abnormal environmental data storage, monitoring of historical data mass storage capacity to meet the requirements of more than 10 years of operation.

b. Historical data query: Historical data at any time period can be queried and managed in the host menu or the main control room computer.

c. System self-healing and self-recovery: Independent and dedicated self-inspection and self-healing modules can perform self-booting and self-recovery when a system program error occurs.

Full touch operation function: full touch operation mode, the system can locate the selection information input according to the icon or menu position touched by the finger, shortening the reaction time of the system and saving the user waiting time; meanwhile, the system operation is more convenient and the appearance is simple. Beautiful.

Operation interface

a. 10.4 inch LCD monitor, Chinese interface, touch operation.

b. Operation and use only need to master two steps, simple and convenient.

c. The monitoring results of each monitoring unit can be curved.

Hierarchical monitoring

1. Switchyard local monitoring

The on-site wall-mounted mainframe is installed at the entrance of the switch station. Because the system detects the concentration of SF6 or abnormal oxygen content at any interval in the switchyard, the system will use the sound and light alarms to synchronize; It is easy for the staff to know the current situation before entering the switchyard. Safe state.

2. Switch station local monitoring

The on-site wall-mounted mainframe is installed at the entrance of the switch station. Since the system detects the concentration of SF6 or abnormal oxygen content at any interval in the switchyard, the system will use the sound and light alarms to synchronize; it is easy for the staff to know the current situation before entering the switchyard. The security status.

3 dispatch center monitoring

Provide remote communication hard contact method and telecontrol device communication, remote control of the dispatch center, the function is convenient and practical.

Technical Parameters

1.SF6Oxygen and oxygen detection indicators


SF6 measuring range


Detection accuracy <5%FS


SF6 alarm limit


Can be set between 100 and 1000


Oxygen measurement range


Detection accuracy <1 %FS


Hypoxia alarm point


Can be defined as 15.0-18.5%


Fan start point


Can be set by the user


Alarm response speed

Priority interrupt, response speed ≤ 50ms


Alarm relay capacity

220V AC/7A

Remote alarm hard contact

2.Temperature and humidity detection index


Temperature detection range


Detection accuracy ±1°C


Humidity detection range


Detection accuracy ±1%RH

3.Comprehensive technical indicators


Working power

AC 165-260V/50Hz


Fan control relay capacity

220V AC/10A


Fan output contactor capacity

380V AC/60A


Communication Cable


European EN-55022 standard shielded cable


Monitor host display

10.4 inch large screen Chinese color LCD

NEC LCD touch screen


Monitoring unit and monitoring host installation



Historical data storage time

Alarm value 10 years; normal value 5 years


Communication Interface

1 CAN bus, 1 485 bus


Dielectric strength


Housing and power supply


Drive capability

120 monitoring units


Communication distance



Fan start conditions

1) Manually forced; 2) SF6 concentration or oxygen over limit; 3) User-defined timing period; 4) Sub-area control: 3

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