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SF6 Gas Density Relay (Winfoss-D6)

Accuracy grade: 1.5.
Measurement range: -0.1 to 0.9Mpa.
Sealing performance: ≤10-9 Pa·m3/s.
When the rated pressure is >0.5Mpa, the ambient temperature is -25°C to +60°C.
When the rated pressure is ≤ 0.4Mpa, the ambient temperature is -40°C to +60°C.
Maximum load electrical life: 50000 times.

SF6 Gas Density Relay (WINFOSS-D6)

The quality of precision manufacturing, parameters and interface specifications can be customized; applicable to various domestic and foreign switch factory interface installation and application!


The SF6 Gas Density Relay (WINFOSS-D6) is mainly used to monitor the density of SF6 gas in sealed containers. Mostly used in high-voltage electrical equipment with SF6 gas as insulation medium, and suitable for outdoor harsh working environment. The density relay has two or three sets of contacts (defined according to different requirements) that can issue overpressure, alarm, and lockout control signals with indications. The density relay is filled with silicone oil to improve its shock and shock resistance.

In addition, remotely-controlled SF6 density relays (WINFOSS-GDC-R) can also be integrated with precision pressure sensors and digital temperature sensors. High-performance microprocessors are used to collect pressure and temperature signals, and an empirical formula can be used to calculate 20°C. The standard pressure value is transmitted to the upper computer through the data bus. In addition, the 4-20mA standard signal can be connected to the control room monitoring system, which is especially suitable for the centralized monitoring of multiple SF6 gas chambers. The density information in the entire monitoring area can be transmitted to the control room, and the real-time display can be realized by using a computer. And store data, you can also describe and print the density curve of day, month, and year.

Principle introduction

Among them, the remote SF6 density relay consists of two parts, one is the pointer indication and control part of the traditional density relay, and the other part is the intelligent monitoring and communication part that meets the needs of online monitoring.


Instruction and control principle:

The SF6 gas density value indicated by the pointer on the SF6 gas density relay dial is expressed as the temperature-compensated pressure of the SF6 gas, that is, the standard pressure value at 20°C. The SF6 density relay operates at rated pressure. When the ambient temperature changes, the pressure of the SF6 gas also changes. The temperature compensation unit inside the density relay corrects the changing pressure so that the pressure indication does not change. When the SF6 gas leaks, the pressure drops, and when the alarm set value is reached, a contact signal of the density relay outputs an alarm signal. At this time, the user is required to replenish the gas to the device. If the pressure continues to drop, the density drops to the blocking set value. The relay outputs a blocking signal to a pair of contacts to lock the control system of the device so as to realize the safe operation protection of the electrical device.

The intelligent module in the density relay mainly monitors the pressure sensor signal, passes the filtering and operational amplifier, and then obtains the digital signal through high-accuracy A/D conversion, and then the high-performance processor combines the temperature signal to convert the density, and can adopt D/A conversion. The analog signal is converted into a 4-20mA current signal output, and the other channel uses the RS485 bus output.

Although these solutions can meet the need to provide security protection for devices, they have not been able to meet the emergency or more complex security needs of non-professionals. In particular, there is a lack of more effective tools to solve problems in a timely and professional manner. For example, you have at least one or more of the following problems that have not been resolved in the long term.


1. Built-in intelligent modules based on traditional density relays not only retain the advantages of reliable and stable mechanical density relays, but also meet the need for on-line monitoring of SF6 density.

2. All stainless steel shell, waterproof anti-corrosion performance, and beautiful appearance.

3. The temperature sensing element adopts imported materials, which has stable performance and good consistency.

4. Control one.

5. With silicone oil, vibration resistance, impact resistance.

6. Contact device is magnetic-assisted, high-performance electrical contacts.

7. Complete specifications.

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