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SF6 Infrared Sensor (WFS-S1-S)

Detection principle: non-dispersive infrared absorption detection (NDIR)
Detection range: 0~2000ppm (standard type), other ranges can be customized
Detection accuracy: ≤±2 % FS 1
Operating temperature: -15 to 45 degrees Celsius
Response time: approximately 30 seconds (Td90, measured at 50% FS
Linearity error: ≤±1 % FS 1

SF6 Infrared Sensor (WFS-S1-S)

SF6 infrared precision measurement, imported from Switzerland; standard open communication protocol, easy for your secondary development; dedicated to the high-precision detection of SF6 gas in the high-voltage equipment of the power industry! 


SF6 Infrared Sensor (S1-GP-S) is based on dual-beam dual-wavelength infrared measurement technology and high-precision digital processing technology. It is widely used in high pressure switch GIS room SF6 gas leakage monitoring (0-100ppm), SF6 gas leak detector (0- 50ppm) and SF6 Purity Analyzer (0-100%). Internal integrated complete drift automatic control and temperature compensation circuit.

SF6 infrared sensor (S1-GP-S) adopts dual-beam non-spectral infrared (NDIR) detection technology, which has anti-interference with other gases, easy maintenance, good stability, and built-in temperature compensation. Standard Modbus ASCII protocol, digital output and analog output optional. Suitable for SF6 leak alarm, on-site construction protection, single gas precision analysis, online monitoring, industrial process analysis and many other applications.


The unique light-free tank NDIR technology is adopted, equipped with a high-breathable stainless steel housing, and an external oxygen sensor can be used for digital signal output. Due to the design of specific wavelengths for SF6, it is resistant to other gases, does not require air pump piping, small size, solid and corrosion resistant housing, easy to use and maintain, adapt to harsh environments, and can simultaneously upload and output sulfur hexafluoride content and oxygen content, etc. Suitable for leak alarm, environmental testing, on-line monitoring, gas composition analysis and other applications.

The advantages of infrared SF6 sensors compared to electrochemical and negative corona discharge principles:

1. Infrared spectral absorption principle (NDIR).

2. Dual wavelength, with temperature compensation.

3. High reliability, no cross reaction with other gases.

4. Compared with electrochemical sensors, SF6 sensor infrared sensors have a lifetime of up to 10 years.

5. Cost-effective, affordable discounted prices.

6. Compared with electrochemical sensors, SF6 sensor eliminates after-sales maintenance costs.

7. Digital and analog output modes are optional, and secondary development and application are convenient.

8. Micro structure, low power design.

9. No radiation source, no secondary hazards.

The infrared SF6 purity sensor (0-100% Vol.) offers significant advantages over the principle of thermal conductivity:

1. The infrared SF6 purity sensor is small in size.

2. Infrared SF6 purity sensor with low power consumption, battery-powered.

3. The infrared SF6 purity sensor does not require a large heating system.

4. The infrared SF6 purity sensor has a wide operating temperature (-20-+60°C).

Over 5.3 years of calibration cycle, there is no need to check the instrument frequently.

6. High reliability and stability, no need to maintain the SF6 purity analyzer daily.

Technical Parameters

Gas detection: Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6).

Detection principle: non-dispersive infrared absorption detection (NDIR).

Detection range: 0 ~ 2000ppm (standard type), other ranges can be customized.

Detection accuracy: ≤ ± 2% FS 1.

Working temperature: -15 to 45 degrees Celsius.

Working pressure: 950 to 1050 mb.

Environmental humidity: 0 to 95% RH.

Warm-up time: less than 2 minutes.

Response time: approximately 30 seconds (Td90, measured at 50% FS).

Operating voltage: 5V.

Operating current: less than 200 mA.

Output signal: UART, other forms can be customized.

Auxiliary function: Take one ADC and connect the oxygen sensor.

Service life: more than 6 years.

Storage temperature: -25 to 55 degrees Celsius.

Discrimination: 1 ppm.

Repeatability: ≤±2% FS 1.

Linearity error: ≤±1% FS 1.

Lower detection limit: <10 ppm.

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