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  Winfoss Test - SF6 Security Expert!

  In 2008, Fliwil cooperated with winfoss seeker to set up a service agency in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone. Its main business scope is the promotion, application and after-sales service of power gas detection technology in the Asia Pacific region. The company focuses on design, development, production, marketing and promotion. Used for the precise detection of SF6 and derivative gases. Relying on powerful experience in gas sensing, detection and precision processing, measurement and diagnostic systems, and advanced small-signal processing systems, the innovative gas detection solution is integrated into the operation, maintenance and overhaul of power systems to control SF6. And equipment safety management, is widely used in the Power Supply Bureau, the Academy of Electric Power, power plants, switchgear, electricity and other large units. Weavers' products have effectively ensured the safe operation of high-voltage electric power equipment, improved energy efficiency, improved the disordered emissions of SF6 gas, enhanced public safety and people’s well-being, and committed to creating harmony for people. Healthy and happy social environment.

  As early as 1978, Axetris AG, the world's leading supplier of gas concentration detection components and modules, specialized in the supply of gas concentration detection, gas flow detection and control products based on Axetris patented platinum thin-film microchip technology. Has been widely used in more than 90 countries in the petrochemical, maritime, aerospace, electricity, metallurgy and other testing technology areas. In 1992, Fliwil was founded in Caicosville, Switzerland. Based on the Axetris company, it focused on the application of outstanding inspection instruments to form a variety of gas detectors based on MEMS technology, not only in the original methane, ethane, propane, and dimer. Detection of gases such as alkanes, alcohols, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ethylene, acetylene, vinyl chloride, styrene, and acrylic acid greatly improves the sensitivity of detection of carbon monoxide, sulfur hexafluoride, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen fluoride, carbon dioxide, and halogen gases. And accuracy.

  Weavers Detection Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a specialized and high-tech enterprise that has always focused on SF6 gas detection. Its business involves: SF6 online monitoring, SF6 professional leak detection, SF6 recycling, SF6 low water purity, SF6 special protection, SF6 maintenance accessories 6 series, to solve SF6 self-generation, storage, transportation, use, testing, maintenance, analysis , Recycling, Purifying, Recycling, Decomposing, Personnel Protection, etc. Management and Services throughout the Life Cycle. Weverth's products and services have effectively ensured the safe operation of high-voltage electric power equipment, improved energy efficiency, improved the disordered emissions of SF6 gas, enhanced public safety and people's well-being, and committed themselves to building people’s lives. Harmonious, healthy and happy social environment.

  Winfoss' core philosophy:

  Focus (FOCUS): We only do one thing in our lifetime, focusing on SF6 application management, ensuring the safety of SF6 insulation equipment and reducing environmental pollution.

  PROFOUND: One meter wide, one hundred meters deep, fundamentally solves the user's problem.

  EXCELLENCE: Excellent contribution to the user's super-expected benefits and experience.

  Winfoss Mission:

  Ensure that every SF6 electrical equipment is safe and free of dead ends, and reduce the adverse effects of SF6 gas on the environment and life.

  Morporate Vision:

  A hundred years of business, a hundred years brand. One day when SF6 existed, Weavers had a day of value.