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Author:Winfoss Seeker Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Release time: 2018-05-17 Browsing

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There are many factors that leaders don’t actively communicate with you, either because of leadership issues or because of leadership style issues. If you do not actively communicate with the leader, you may lose the opportunity for the leader to understand you or lose you. When you show your talents, you will miss the great opportunities for development. Because leaders don't understand you, how can they recommend you once they have the opportunity? Don't take leaders as leaders, let alone when God calls them. God If you don’t call, you don’t go. If you believe in God, you’ll have to worship from time to time. Otherwise, God will not shine on you in times of trouble.

1. Leaders don’t communicate with me, I don’t communicate with leaders

This type of person lacks “God”: this kind of behavior is the most serious behavior in the spirit of begging. Some people are self-confident and talented in the enterprise. They feel that they rely on the ability to eat. It does not matter if they communicate with the leader. Leaders never communicate actively. The reason is that you are leading you do not communicate with me, I do not take the initiative to communicate with you. There are many factors that leaders don’t actively communicate with you, either because of leadership issues or because of leadership style issues. If you do not actively communicate with leaders, you may lose the opportunity for leaders to understand you or lose your ability to show your talents. Opportunity, you will miss the great opportunity for development, because the leaders do not understand you, how can he recommend you once you have the opportunity to do it! Don’t take leaders as gods, let alone when God summons them. God does not summon you. Go, if you believe in God, you have to go and worship from time to time. Otherwise, God will not shine on you in your time of trouble.

Solution: Regardless of whether the leader is active or non-active, leadership is often lonely. He is even more eager to communicate with him. The content of communication is not limited to work or non-work. Ideas that are helpful to your team building or beneficial to the development of the company. You should communicate with the leaders and make your ideas become decision-making behaviors in time. Make contributions to the team for the company. Only in this way can your talents not be buried. Otherwise, Maxima will only regret the old dead, and Bole will not regret it. Do not think that Maxima will have Bole. Now the society is Maxima and Shaole, and Maxima has learned to cast Bole. In the sense of Maxima.

2. If the leader does not approve of me, I will not do it well.

This type of person lacks "honor": This type of person has a stronger vanity. This kind of spiritual begging is more common in enterprises. He has done something in his previous work, but the leader has not expressed his affirmation. He will think that it is not leadership. Recognizing me, if I didn't approve of me, I wouldn't do it well. So I began to work. The work could not be completed on time and with good quality. The work plan was also pushed by the three committees and four, and it soon fell from the ranks of advanced elements to the ranks of eliminated molecules.

Solution: Everyone has a vanity, but to treat vanity correctly and use it properly is a propeller, which will help you to make great achievements in your work. It should not be used as a fire extinguisher. It will extinguish your enthusiasm or dilution in your work. Your enthusiasm. Some leaders don’t necessarily confirm face to face with subordinates’ achievements, but they will affirm your work when communicating with others in private. Being able to do a good job is a matter of duty. It can also show your abilities. You can understand people's abilities without being discerning. Sometimes you don't need leaders to break through the layers of paper.

3. The leaders don’t encourage me, I’m not good at it

Such people lack "oil": these people are mostly at the grassroots level of enterprises or units and rely on the encouragement of leaders almost every day to make a living. If leaders forgot to "step on the accelerator," they would be able to sit in the same room from morning till night. There is no movement in one place. These people have no destructive power in the company, but they also have no execution power. They are the kind of thunder-clad people in the company. That is, the company will close down tomorrow and he will not be moved by it.

Solution: You must learn to “refuel” yourself and learn to “step on the gas pedal”. This is a basic instinct for employees to survive in a business. Otherwise, they will be eliminated from the preferred target. Now companies will not give you time to “refuel”. There is also no opportunity to learn to “step on the gas pedal”. What companies need is a student with a driver’s license instead of an apprentice. Learn to organize your own work and learn to motivate yourself to grow.

4. I'm not happy because leaders will not marry me

This type of person lacks "refining": This type of person is an emotionally motivated employee in the company. His or her own feelings of good or bad are completely determined by the leader. The happy person seems to be a leader, and the unhappy person is like a leader. Often said To have a word: "To make me happy is simple, so to say it does not end." Do not forget that several leaders are artists.

Solution: Emotionality is an immature manifestation. It is a manifestation of the lack of internal cultivation. Emotionality is not conducive to the development of the job. It is also detrimental to personal growth. It is necessary to learn to overcome emotional problems, and to accept psychological and psychological frustration work. Intellectual control exercise, emotions centered on "I", rather than others or leadership as the center, will naturally be able to overcome the emotional.

5, can not complete the task, always take a bunch of objective reasons to deal with

This type of person lacks "law": such people in the enterprise are not uncommon, and he is always unable to complete sales tasks every month. However, he always takes a large basket of objective reasons to prove that he is doing his best and is not a product quality problem. This is because the influence of advertising is too weak, or the customer does not cooperate, or there are some special reasons for the market. Each of these reasons seems very reasonable, and each time he can safely pass through the crisis of performance elimination.

Solution: If you have had problems with your work methods or working mentality for a long time in the past, you should learn from your colleagues and understand how they develop and manage customers, and how easy it is to achieve sales. As a salesperson, what we want is performance. It is not people's understanding of objective reasons. It is necessary to enhance their ability to predict, discover and control objective conditions so that they cannot be controlled by the external environment.

6, do something wrong, I hope you do not make a fuss

This group of people lacks "electricity": these people do not make mistakes in the company, and they often make mistakes. They are either late or early leave. They do not lose three or pull four jobs. They do not have no heads or no tails. They are not big. There is a small hole, but he does not think it does not matter, when everyone is staring at him, he will say: "This is something strange, others do the same." This type of person is not mistakenly "electrically", otherwise it will not be the case again.

Solution: "Don't be good and small, don't do it, don't do it with evil." Do not think that evil is not evil. Xiaoshan is not good. Because small evils have lost a lot of ancient hate, there are also many people who have cast thousands of industries because of their smallness. There are no major issues for small and medium-sized enterprises to do a good job. There are no big problems if the small problems are solved. If you do something wrong, you must dare to admit corrections, and you want to succeed at a young age and start small.

7, do not understand technology, complain that the company does not have training

This type of person lacks "enlightenment": all technical links in the enterprise have technical content, customer service ability is not strong, sales skills are insufficient, and the ability to express is not enough. Once exposed, most people will say that the company has not trained us in this regard. In this way, we lost a lot of good sales opportunities.

Solution: The content of company training is limited. The change of training content is always one beat slower than the market. The market itself is the best training material. Market practice should be well utilized and practice—learning— - Practice, rather than relying solely on corporate training to meet the needs of marketing work, those who are good at summing up must be the people who do a better job of sales. Those who are good at summing up in practice are the ones who really benefit most from training. Not good at mastering the content of the training, is to give you a gold brick you can hardly build a pyramid. The promotion of sales technology requires training, but also comes from the practice of the market.

8, not advancing, complaining about the company's bad atmosphere

This kind of person lacks the "of": the performance of such people in the company is often said to mix it, anyway, the management of the company is also more confusing, not just their own regular use, and some people say, I want to make progress, but the company chaos into this, It is the company's fault that I am able to make progress. It sounds like a company's fault. I think such people are short of goals, lack the purpose of life, lack the purpose of work, or make mistakes. A bad company atmosphere will affect one's development, but it will not completely affect one's development.

Solution: Small faint in the mountains, faint in the city. The environment will affect one person, but it does not affect one person completely. The internal cause of a person’s change is the main one. The external cause is the secondary one. If you want to progress, you must establish the correct goal of life, the goal of your work, and not be disturbed or overcome by the external environment. interference.

In summary, these spirits often play a passive role in the enterprise. For example, at the grass-roots level, they react slowly and complain about the sky. If they are conducted at the middle level, they will have to cross the beam; At the top, the whole company will have to succeed. Spiritualism is more than materialism, and materialism is a good thing. Spiritual awkwardness is difficult to meet and control. This is the problem that enterprise management is difficult to do.

Success does not depend on how many people you have won, but how many people you share with you and how many people you helped. The more people you share with, the more people you have helped, and the more places you serve, the greater your chances of success.