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WINFOSS SEEKER One Belt and One Road Helping Sustainable Hydropower Development

Author:Winfoss Seeker Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Release time: 2018-05-17 Browsing

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The focus of global hydropower development has shifted to other developing countries and regions such as Asia, Africa and Latin America, and there is a great demand for the development of hydropower in terms of capital, technology, equipment and operation management.

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Hydropower development must not only build good projects but also resolve all potential risks. Solving the issue of sustainable development in hydropower development can make hydropower play a significant role in promoting energy structure optimization and WINFOSS-SEEKER reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In the recent seminar on international hydropower financing risk management and hydropower sustainability assessment sponsored by the China Society of Hydroelectric Engineering and the International Hydropower Association (IHA), Richard Taylor, Executive Director of the International Hydropower Association, expressed the focus of hydropower development in the world. It has been transferred to developing countries and regions such as Asia, Africa and Latin America, and it has a very large demand for the development of hydropower in terms of capital, technology, equipment and operation management.

At present, the social and environmental problems faced in the development of hydropower projects are becoming more and more complex, and the financing risks of hydropower projects are also increasing. Sometimes, projects that are under development may be postponed or even forced to stop, leading to a damaged corporate reputation and a large number of Economic losses, in turn, affect and hinder the sustainable development of hydropower. Therefore, it is very important to attach great importance to the financing risk of hydropower projects and to fully and comprehensively evaluate development investment projects using internationally recognized standards. In recent years, the "Water and Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Specification" (hereinafter referred to as the "Code") prepared and published by the IHA organization is currently being promoted and used worldwide. It has become an important tool to measure and guide the assessment of international hydropower projects. The experience of successful application in global hydropower projects is worth promoting.

At present, more than 70% of the world's renewable energy comes from hydropower, which plays an important role in optimizing energy structure, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting the ecological environment, and promoting sustainable development. As of the end of 2015, China’s total hydropower installed capacity reached 319 million kilowatts, and annual power generation was 1.1 trillion kwh, accounting for 20% of the country’s total electricity generation, and accounted for 73.9% of non-fossil energy, making China’s economic and social development and global Energy conservation and emission reduction have made great contributions.

“The hydropower development has different effects on biodiversity and ecological impacts on the river basin. There are different views in the industry. In order to solve these problems, the hydropower industry has continuously promoted the advancement of hydropower technology, especially the progress of environmental protection technologies. Shi Lishan, deputy director of the New Energy and Renewable Energy Division of the National Energy Administration, said at the meeting.

Hydropower is an important part of a stable, clean and reliable energy source. Since the publication of the dam and development report by the World Commission on Dams in 2000, the global hydropower industry has made considerable progress. Under the impetus of the International Hydropower Association, the concept of green hydropower and sustainable hydropower has been formed globally. How to make the standards of green hydropower practically implemented in the actual project has become the industry's overall compliance with the criteria, the ecological protection of the river basin in the top priority, has become an important strategy for many countries including China to develop ecological civilization.