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New SF6 Decomposition sorbent environmental protection treatment device

Author:Winfoss Seeker Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Release time: 2018-05-17 Browsing

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[Introduction] Winfoss' new environmental protection device for SF6 decomposition sorbent solves the problem of SF6 decomposition products generated during the operation of power equipment.

Acid and acidic substances in the sulfur hexafluoride gas will cause corrosion and accelerated deterioration of equipment and solid insulation materials, and is one of the important indicators for the quality control of sulfur hexafluoride gas. In DL/T 916-2005 "Sulfur hexafluoride gas acidity determination method", it is required that a certain volume of sulfur hexafluoride gas is passed through a dilute alkaline solution containing an indicator so that the acidic substance is absorbed and then titrated with an acid standard solution. Excess alkali can be calculated according to the volume and concentration of acid standard solution consumed and the quality of sulfur hexafluoride.

On May 13th, the WINFOSS research team successfully developed the SF6 decomposer adsorption environmental protection treatment device, which has taken poisonous recovery products to non-toxicity through the functions of grinding, heating, stirring, temperature monitoring, pH and water level monitoring. A solid step.

"How to reduce or weaken the decomposition products in the operation of electrical equipment on personal safety and environmental pollution?" Winfoss R & D research group conducted in-depth study. The team members found through a large amount of data and problems that there were problems with the adsorbent used for the SF6 decomposition products generated during the operation of power equipment. The toxic SF6 adsorbent used in the past must be buried in a deep pit after simple treatment, which will cause great pollution to the environment. At the same time, the processing method is time-consuming and laborious, and the chemical reaction usually takes more than 30 hours, and the treatment effect is not ideal. In view of this, the company's R&D group members fully discussed and decided to develop a purification device to change the "cruel reality."

Under local overheating faults, the adsorbent will not only absorb trace moisture in the gas chamber and affect the overheating decomposition process of the SF6 gas insulation medium, but also produce different degrees of adsorption of the SF6 overheat decomposition characteristic components, making use of SF6 breakdown decomposition. The principle of diagnosing internal insulation failures of gas-insulated equipment has become more complicated. The effect of adsorbent on the local superheat decomposition of SF6 was studied, and the gas production rule of SF6 decomposed components and the chemical forms of the elements contained in electrode materials were solved.

The adsorbent not only adsorbs trace moisture in the gas chamber and affects the overheating decomposition process of the SF6 gas insulation medium, but also has different degrees of adsorption effect on the SF6 overheat decomposition characteristic components, making use of the SF6 fault decomposition principle to diagnose the internal insulation failure of the gas insulated equipment. Become more complicated. Therefore, a large number of experiments were conducted to study the effect of adsorbents on the local superheat decomposition characteristics of SF6, and the gas production rules of the SF6 decomposed components and the chemical forms of the elements contained in the electrode materials and adsorbents were obtained. The study shows that: when there is no adsorbent, the volume fractions of SOF2, SO2, SO2F2, CS2, and CO25 components are: φSO2φSOF2φCO2φSO2F2φCS2; as the adsorbent dosage increases, the volume fraction growth curve of the five components slows down and slows down. The levels are: SO2SOF2SO2F2CO2CS2; X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis found that the FeF3, Fe2O3, and FeS exist in the stainless steel heating electrode after the experiment. The adsorbent after the experiment contains a very small amount of adsorbed SO2, and the adsorbent F exists in the form of Mainly MgF2.

The SF6 adsorbent environmental protection treatment device can not only carry out the environmental protection treatment of SF6 adsorbent, but also establishes a platform for the in-depth development of experimental research on SF6 adsorbent regeneration and environmental protection treatment. Secondly, through in-depth study of the decomposition characteristics of SF6 gas, the R&D team's understanding of SF6 gas performance was enhanced, which provided a solid theoretical basis for future SF6 gas monitoring and fault diagnosis.

After six months of efforts, the members successfully developed the SF6 adsorbent environmental protection treatment device. The device promotes toxic recovery to a non-toxic development step through functions such as grinding, heating, stirring, temperature monitoring, pH monitoring, and water level monitoring. At the same time, after the commissioning of the equipment, the members of the R&D team carried out many practical treatments of the adsorbent. It takes less than 2 hours to process 2.6-5.3 kg of adsorbent, which reduces the number of repeated operations of adding alkali and acid, and saves raw materials. , Reduce operation and maintenance costs, improve the reliability and safety of the adsorbent application, and have important environmental protection use value and broad application prospects.

Through this research and development, the ability of members of the R&D group to unite and collaborate and tackle technological problems has been greatly improved. The team members will also make use of the results of this event to conduct in-depth theoretical and experimental research on the environmental protection of the new SF6 decomposition material adsorbent, summarize the treatment process, and develop a more intelligent adsorbent treatment device.

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