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Quick integration into the Winfoss family, Are you ok?

Author:Winfoss Seeker Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Release time: 2018-05-17 Browsing

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[Introduction] The training period for the first 6 months of Winfoss' new employees' entry time often reflects the importance that companies attach to personnel training.

3-7 days: new recruits, let him know what to do

In order for employees to quickly integrate into the enterprise, they must:

1. Arrange new seats and office tables for the newcomers, have their own places, and introduce them to all colleagues.

2. Let them understand the company culture, development strategies, etc., and understand the new professional skills, family background, career planning and interests.

3. The HR supervisor should inform the new employee's job responsibilities and give him room for development and value.

4. The direct supervisor clearly stipulates the tasks for the first week: who is to do what day, how to do it, and who is responsible for the relevant department.

5. Let the old employees get in touch with new people as much as possible, eliminate the strangeness of newcomers and allow them to integrate into the team as soon as possible. Don't talk about excessive work goals and work stress during the first week.

8-30 days: Newcomers transition to let him know how to do a good job

Change is often painful, but it is a must. Managers need to spend less time helping new employees complete their over-charging.

1. It is best to arrange new employees near old colleagues to facilitate observation and timely guidance.

2. Observe their emotional status in a timely manner, make timely adjustments; recognize and praise their growth and progress in time, and put forward higher expectations.

3. Give them timely experience in work, let them learn in actual combat, and practice in learning.

31-60 days: Let new employees take on challenging tasks

Giving appropriate pressure at the right time can often promote the growth of new employees.

1. Clearly understand the strengths and skills of new employees, clarify requirements for their work and indicators for assessment.

2. Let them plan company or team activities, stimulate their capabilities, and observe their strengths and weaknesses.

3. Give the opportunity to make corrections when you make mistakes, observe the mentality of the adversity, the methods and methods of handling.

4. If you can't do the job right now and see if it's suitable for transfer, give it more opportunities and confirm the value of training.

61-120 days: Let the new staff integrate into the team and take the initiative to complete the work

For new employees, they are not lacking in creativity. They need more guidance on how to integrate into the team and how to cooperate with other colleagues.

1. Encourage them to actively participate in the conference and speak at the conference, and encourage them when they speak.

2. Share more about the incentive mechanism, team building, task flow, and growth experience.

3. Appropriate affirmation should be given when a new employee proposes a method or proposal for task processing.

121~180 days: summary, draw up development plan

After 6 months passed, it was time to conduct a formal performance interview with the staff to evaluate and formulate a development plan.

1. Staff self-assessment. Including: What has been done, what results have been achieved, and what are the remaining deficiencies.

2. Leader's evaluation. Including: work attitude, ability, achievement, daily performance and so on.

3. Assist employees in the interview to re-establish goals and plans, and let employees make commitments.

4. Give employees the opportunity to participate in training and development and assist them in achieving their stated goals.

Winfoss China adheres to the people-centered approach. We always believe that echelon cultivation is the fundamental business operation. At present, 20% of the company's employees are from Switzerland, 15% from Germany and the United Kingdom, and the remaining 60% come from the integration of electromechanical integration of Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, North China Electric Power University, Wuhan Polytechnic University, Beijing Institute of Technology, and Changsha University of Technology Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Electrical engineering and its automation, machinery design and manufacturing, and its brakes, measurement and control technologies and instruments and other professional, gradually formed a talent training base for school-enterprise cooperation, and built a platform for employees to realize the value of life.