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Winfoss employee intern training

Author:Winfoss Seeker Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Release time: 2018-05-17 Browsing

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[Introduction]Winfoss - China as an industry brand company, has its own unique corporate culture, and employees have strict requirements. Every employee who enters Winfoss should be aware of Weavers' in-house training, strictly demanding themselves and being an excellent Winfoss employee.

First, How to treat company leaders

1, thankful heart, thank the boss for his hard work, give me work, let my heart come true.

2, respect the heart, respect their own leadership.

3. Ask questions not to ask questions, ask for instructions, and do not report critically on reports. Instead, report them in a declarative manner.

4. Both the implementation of the strategy and tactics, which are both democratic and centralized, are always correct.

5. Leaders who have strict requirements for you are the good leaders who can really help you grow. Those who make me suffer will make me strong!

Second, how to treat customers

1, communication focuses on empathy. Your (customer) is very important to me. The process of communication is the process of building trust.

2, not satisfied with customer satisfaction, we must seek to move customers and create customer lifetime value.

3. Standing on the company's position, principled issues cannot be discussed. Stand firm and moderate.

4. There is no shortage of customers in the world. It is only a lack of ability to serve customers. There is no lack of plans in the world, but the lack of ability to capture opportunities.

Third, how to do a good employee

Attitude articles:

1, did not do a good job is not done, there is no excuse. Just find an excuse to succeed without an entrance.

2, the action is not timely because the pain can not reach.

3, time management, be your own master.

4. It's not a solution, but it doesn't work out a solution. There are ways to do what you think, but sooner or later.

5, as the boss as a cadre, with the boss's standards require themselves, like running a business to run their own jobs.

6. There is no result without thinking.

7. The organizational goal of the above level is the direction: to be an employee in charge, to be the manager in the manager's position, to be the manager with the boss's mind, and to work with the boss's mentality.

8. The realm decides the world.

9, comfortable, often backward.

10, the concept of change, the world has changed; the concept of the same, turn the place.

11. Those who have made great achievements, like to do small things thoroughly.

12, successful often change the method without changing the goal, losers often change the goal without changing the method.

13, is a reasonable exercise, irrational training.

Action articles:

1, the result is not good, it is not good.

2, the details are well-called exquisite, the details are not good called rough.

3, plan and then action, plan and then communicate.

4. Think more about what you should do and think less about what you can do.

5. If there is no execution power, there will be no competitiveness.

6, speed first, perfect second; action first, idea second; result first, process second.

7, if the executive force does not speak, only the results.

8, details determine success or failure.

9, choose to focus on efforts, success or failure lies in the choice between. The choice of the past determines the life of today, and today's choice determines the days after.

10, the vast majority of companies should be the executors of excellence.

11, do not look wrong, just for good or bad.

12, accustomed to shortcomings is the biggest drawback

13, dare to be responsible, to bear heavy responsibilities.

14, simple is effective.

15, all things have more than three kinds of solutions.

16, how to rely on yourself.

17. Think about it more, say one word less; read it one more time and one thing less.

18. One mistake is not a question of ability but of attitude.

19. Three things a day: What you must do, what you should do, what you can do. ,

20. Change is painful and does not change more painful.

Fourth, how to deal with colleagues

1. Try hard to praise others and praise others = copy the merits of others.

2, communication focuses on empathy.

3, do not need you to see others useless, to let others see you useful.

4. Do not expect others to help you, but expect others to need you.

5. Try hard to praise others = copy the merits of others.

Fifth, how to look at corporate management

1. The corporate system is ruthless, management is ruthless, and enforcement is sensible.

2. Management is staring out. Skills are developed. The way is to think of it. The potential is to force it out.

3, differentiation is the core of the competitiveness of enterprises, the relative advantage is the biggest advantage.

4. The height of thought determines the height of the action, and the height of culture determines the height of the enterprise.

5. Things that everyone likes are not necessarily correct, and things that are right are not necessarily enjoyed by everyone.

6. Benefits are the driving force behind implementation, and corporate culture is the continuous driving force for implementation.

7. Propagation density + intensity = depth of execution + height.

8, any strong company will not give employees a sense of security, in the most cruel way to inspire everyone to become strong, self-improvement.

9, for the enterprise: Do not seek a global one is less than a domain.

10. Management is the most serious love for employees. Training is the greatest benefit for employees. Ci does not bring troops, justice does not raise money.

11. A well-established system, advanced management model, and efficient executive staff are all necessary for an enterprise.

12. If you really love your staff, assess him, ask him, force him to grow, high demands, high goals, high standards to force him to grow!

13, if the situation is affected, low goals, low requirements, raising a group of little sheep, white rabbits, and old fritters, this is the leader's greatest harm to employees! Because it will only encourage their greed, willfulness, ignorance, lazy.

14. Let subordinates grow up because of you, have a correct outlook on life, values, and have a perfect character. The continuous growth of employees is the greatest love of leadership for employees!

15. Any company that thinks of ways to give subordinates a sense of security will be destroyed, because even more powerful people will lose their wolf sex in a docile environment!

16. Any company that tries to squeeze out employees' abilities and develop the potential of employees will rise constantly because in this environment, it will either become a wolf or be eaten by a wolf!

17. Companies that do not give employees the sense of security actually give them a real sense of security because they have forcibly forced their growth and forced them to have a future.

How to be a good enterprise employee

1, share leadership for the leaders, rather than let the leaders worry.

2. Try to complete the task, not find a reason to shirk responsibility.

3. Find problems and find solutions at all times, not problems and no ideas.

4, to report to the leadership can propose ways of thinking, rather than just ask questions, ask for a request, ask the leader to come up with solutions.

5, report to the leader every day, tell the leader to know your work and ideas, so that the leader can know how to support and cooperate with the work.

6. Report on the completion of work tasks, rather than asking the leader to ask questions.

7. When difficulties are encountered, they cannot be resolved and they report and communicate in a timely manner instead of not saying or not.

8, positive energy, positive and optimistic praise of the company and leadership, so that the company can attract more talent.

9, actively learn from each other and help each other to make common progress.

10. Responsibility and dedication to do everything.